Computers, Networks and the Internet....
-- it seems we can't live with them, and can't live without them...  
and when it seems that you have it working "just right"  shhh it happens!  

For most, when things are going great - they never need to ask for help. With so many new challenges coming from the Internet, Wireless and mobile technology - even the most technical experts can struggle to protect themselves from problems keeping your technology running. 

So if you are not one of those technical experts, what are you doing to protect your precious data?  Are you keeping your business from being in the news because someone hacked into your network and accessed your most precious information?

Are you thinking about new equipment,  upgrading your current Servers or adding a network for your customers? Have you seen some of the latest camera based security systems? Do you know that  you can access them from anywhere on your phone? 

So...  If you are thinking of expanding your technology at home or office, and you are not sure what your options are - you are not alone.  Most are unsure what they can do while networking them together, how to share your Internet connection securely with customers, choosing that technology and most importantly -  insuring that your stuff is secure.  I can help you make the right decisions, based on proven technology and Industry practices.  I understand how important your current systems are, the time and energy invested in getting it set up just how you like it, I can help you keep it that way.

My specialty is custom system configurations.  I can configure and setup all of your equipment within your Network, Configure your Servers, printers, storage, VPN, Active Directory and software. I can help you migrate your data, configuration and critical information to your new storage systems with a minimum of disruption.  Everything I do is by contract only.

Most people have a lot of questions regarding these topics... I can answer them for you.

Contact me by E-mail at: steve@steve-edmunds.com

This link is part of our latest web based security System. There are ten cameras installed in and around the property that are connected to this system. This solution monitors and captures any activity and then creates and stores video files of all these activities and loads them into a web applet that can be accessed securely from any internet connected phone, pc or tablet. I can look into what is going on in/around the property from anywhere I have coverage. Have teenagers? You can make sure that your kids are home on time!    

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